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The Amazing Cabuya Ficus Tree

  • Category: Cabuya
  • Published: Monday, 22 February 2010 17:24
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This Ficus tree (Ficus citrifolia)is one of Cabuya's main landmarks due to its incredible size of almost 22 meters in diameter and over 40 meters in height.
It has been awarded the "Exceptional Tree of the Year Award" for 2009 by the Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad (INBio).
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The Cabuya Ficus Tree
The tree is located right on the Cabuya road

Cabuya Beach

  • Category: Cabuya
  • Published: Tuesday, 01 December 2009 16:20
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With sandy and rocky stretches and just about always deserted Cabuya beach is a haven for beach combers.

At low tide there are rock pools and some sandy areas great for small children, at high tide although the bottom is stony the surf is rarely too high for swimming and kayaking  and there no dangerous rip tides.

In the afternoon the beach is wonderfully shady and and there are stretches of fine white sand for lazing and sunbathing.

The sunrises over the ocean are memorable and at sunset the sky glows all shades of lilac and pink, but our favourite is when the full moon rises out of the sea, making the ocean glitter and bathing the beach in gentle light.

Check the available places and stay in Cabuya! 

Cabuya beach runs for several miles
Cabuya beach at Los Almendros

Children playing at Cabuya beach
View of Cabuya Island from beach

Los Cedros

  • Category: Cabuya
  • Published: Wednesday, 29 July 2009 16:57
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Halfway between Montezuma and the village of Cabuya are the wonderful beaches of Los Cedros.

Little visited by tourists these sandy beaches and coves offer rock pools at low tide, a great surfing break and a refreshing river flowing into a sandy pool, ideal for children.

Stay nearest to the Cabo Blanco National Park and Los Cedros beach.

Stay in Cabuya.

Rio Lajas emptying to the Nicoya Gulf
Rio Lajas gently meeting the ocean

Refreshing swimming pond al Los Cedros suitable for children
Calm and refreshing river pond

Cabuya The Village

  • Category: Cabuya
  • Published: Tuesday, 01 December 2009 15:53
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Nestled along the jungle fringed coast with a backdrop of mountains, Cabuya is a small fishing community on the tip of the Nicoya peninsula. It is an ideal place to wind down and settle into the local pace of life. Stroll along the hibiscus lined lanes, watch the fishermen bring in their catch, beach comb along the deserted beaches, explore the nearby coves and rivers or simply relax in a hammock and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Hiking, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, surfing and many other nature related activities are available to fill your days with.

The entrance to Cabo Blanco Park, the first National park in Costa Rica is at the far end of the village; open from Wednesday to Sunday it offers several trails and an opportunity to see the local wildlife.

Cabuya is an ideal area for birdwatchers. Due to its proximity to the shore, freshwater rivers, jungle and mountains, dozens of species can be seen, from Roseate spoonbills and kingfishers to bellbirds and toucans. Wildlife is all around; troupes of monkeys patrol the trees along the shore, iguanas rustle in the leaves, coatmundi and ant eaters are often spotted.

River Lajas and River Miguelon are refreshing swimming spots, where you can cool off in freshwater pools and enjoy the shady river banks.

For surfers there are several popular surfing breaks within easy reach and the big surfing beaches of Santa Teresa are just a short drive away.

Cabuya is the only town in Costa Rica to have its cemetery on an otherwise deserted island. The villagers can cross to the island at low tide where a path is exposed as the sea recedes. The shores of the island are mostly rocky, but offer great snorkeling and fishing as well as wonderful views of the coastline.

The village has two small but well stocked supermarkets, an internet café, the local bar, an international restaurant at Hotel Celaje, the Bakery café offering fresh baked goods as well as delicious meals, Libreria Topsy a bookstore and lending library, pizzas and smoothies at Coyote café,  a church and village school. You can buy fresh seafood right on the beach when the fishermen come in, and arrange fishing and boat tours. Nena´s homemade fruit jams, cooked the traditional way over a wood stove are a popular treat.

Los Almendros Studio offers movement and dance workshops as well as yoga classes. There is also a resident massage therapist. La Floresta has permanent art exhibitions displaying the work of local artists. For those wanting to get involved in the community there are volunteer opportunities at the Rainsong Wildlife sanctuary, and Cabo Blanco National Park.

Cabuya fishermen anchoring boat
Cabuya fishermen anchoring boat

Entrance to Cabuya Island cementery
Cabuya Island Cementery Entrance

Cabuya Island from beach
View of Cabuya Island from beach

Cabuya Island

  • Category: Cabuya
  • Published: Thursday, 02 July 2009 16:25
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Cabuya Island features the only active island cemetery in the country, which can be visited by walking to it from the beach at low tide. There are low tides several times a day, they vary by 40 minutes each day. When the tide starts to recede a stony path is exposed and you can walk across to explore the island. The tide stays low enough to cross for a couple of hours; time enough to snorkel, fish from the rocks or explore the tide pools.

Besides the cemetery there is a small plantation of Cabuya plants on the island. The Cabuya plants have been used by native people since pre Colombian times to make rope and textiles. They also gave this area its name.

Originally the only way supplies could be brought to this area was by boat. A small boat would anchor near the island and goods could be purchased and local produce sold and sent to market in Puntarenas.

The island is well worth a visit, enjoyed by the local villagers, it is rarely explored by tourists not staying in Cabuya.

Cabuya is the nearest town to the Cabo Blanco National Park.
Make plans to stay in Cabuya!

View of Nicoya coast from Cabuya Island cementery entrance