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Curú Wildlife Refuge

The Curú Wildlife Refuge was constituted as Costa Rica’s first private Wildlife Refuge.

Although the ranch still has a small herd of cattle, tourism and visitation by school groups and researchers are the main interest areas of the refuge today.

The refuge protects endangered forested habitats such as mangroves, tropical forests, and coral reefs.

Curú is a privately owned park that runs a succesful business operation and provides employment to the local community.

Curú has a wildlife reintroduction program and has succesfully reintroduce Scarlet Macaws and Spider Monkeys back to the Nicoya Peninsula area. Species that had disappeared from the area.

It is a place worth visiting either by road, or by taking a boat and also visiting Tortuga island which is located right in front of Curú bay.

Researcher at Curu Wildlife Refuge in the Nicoya Peninsula
Ongoing forest research

Bahia Ballena & Tambor

Bahia Ballena (Whale Bay) is a perfect anchoring place for any size boat or yacht visiting the area, and it also offers a small yacht club at the Tambor pier that welcomes all crusing vessels.

The small town of Tambor provides all basic services and visiting boats can replentish supplies there.

The bay has a long and wide beach that can be walked and explored.

There are several luxury resorts in the area and very good restaurants.

There is also a fully equiped air strip that handles small commercial and private planes. If you want to arrive to the Nicoya Peninsula by air, this is the place to land.


Bahia Ballena
Bahia Ballena
Tambor church in Bahia Ballena
Tambor Church


Montezuma is a small fishing village in the lower part of the Nicoya Peninsula.

The village has become a mixture of local "ticos" and an increasing community of Europeans and Americans that had found the place enchanting. Some have stayed permanently, creating interesting community of artists, conservationists, musicians, surfers, and others just looking for adventure or new friends. 

It’s has also become a long-time favourite for backpackers and eco-tourists.

The center of Montezuma consists almost entirely of restaurants, and souvenir shops, and night clubs.

The night life in this small town is very active. Music, from reggae to salsa is played until late in the night.

There is a wide variety of fine dining options in Montezuma. Restaurants serve vegetarian fare, Mediterranean dishes or cutting-edge concoctions in a romantic atmosphere.

Cabuya is just a mere 10 minutes away by car and it is ideal for the traveller that wants to experience all the fuzz of an active night life but stay at a quiet and relaxed place at the same time.

Montezuma Beach in Nicoya Peninsula
Montezuma Beach
Montezuma Village in Nicoya Peninsula, Puntarenas
The Montezuma Village
Montezuma Playa Grande in Nicoya Peninsula, Puntarenas
Montezuma's Playa Grande

Tortuga Island

Just a 40 minute boat ride from Montezuma, this island has an idyllic sandy beach and clear blue water.

It is a popular tourist destination, the boat guides prepare fresh barbecued fish on the beach and you can spend the day snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing.

The trip itself is spectacular, offering views of the relatively undeveloped coastline, and a chance at spotting dolphins and turtles along the way.

If you are planning to stay in the Cabuya area, you can take a boat and visit this lovely island. There are one day boat tours available from Cabuya.

Tortuga Island beach seen from hill top
Tortuga Island beach

Tortuga Island's main beach
View of Tortuga beach