Friday, 18 August 2017

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Rainsong Wildlife Santuary

The Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary is located in southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula very near the town of Cabuya.

The Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary project addresses all conservation issues in the lower Nicoya Peninsula area from the Cabo Blanco National Park, the Cabuya area, all the way to the town of Paquera inside the Gulf of Nicoya.

The Rainsong mission is to preserve and protect this privileged region of Costa Rica.

The activities include conservation education, a wildlife rescue center, and the support of reforestation projects.

Watch this introductory video of the Rainsong Wildlife Santuary:



Feeding an orphan Capucin Whiteface monkey
Feeding an orphan capuchin monkey

Conservation education performed at cabuya
Teaching kids to conserve nature