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Ocean Beaches

The pacific beaches stretch for miles up the coast. Starting from Mal Pais, just a 20 minute drive from Cabuya, you can visit many in a single day.

This long stretch of beautiful beaches that go on for miles offer excellent surfing experiences.

The bay of Mal Pais, has a gentler surf and great rock pools at low tide which make it ideal for combing the beach and chikldren play.

There is also the beach of Manzanillo about 10 miles further north which is a favorite family spot.

Additionally, there are the big surf beaches of Playa Carmen and Playa Hermosa for visitors looking for a memorable surfing experience. and the family favorite Playa Manzanillo.

Cabuya is strategically located so you can explore this whole area in a day. You can watch the sunrise from the sea at Cubuya beach and enjoy a sunset to the sea from Carmen beach both on the same day!

This is what makes staying at Cabuya such a wonderful experience!

Playa Carmen on the pacific coast next to Cabo Blanco
Carmen Beach on the Pacific coast

Sunset at Playa Carmen on the pacific coast
Spectacular pacific coast sunsets