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Ocean Beaches

The pacific beaches stretch for miles up the coast. Starting from Mal Pais, just a 20 minute drive from Cabuya, you can visit many in a single day.

This long stretch of beautiful beaches that go on for miles offer excellent surfing experiences.

The bay of Mal Pais, has a gentler surf and great rock pools at low tide which make it ideal for combing the beach and chikldren play.

There is also the beach of Manzanillo about 10 miles further north which is a favorite family spot.

Additionally, there are the big surf beaches of Playa Carmen and Playa Hermosa for visitors looking for a memorable surfing experience. and the family favorite Playa Manzanillo.

Cabuya is strategically located so you can explore this whole area in a day. You can watch the sunrise from the sea at Cubuya beach and enjoy a sunset to the sea from Carmen beach both on the same day!

This is what makes staying at Cabuya such a wonderful experience!

Playa Carmen on the pacific coast next to Cabo Blanco
Carmen Beach on the Pacific coast

Sunset at Playa Carmen on the pacific coast
Spectacular pacific coast sunsets

Playa Cocalito

A day on Cocalito beach makes you feel like Robinson Crusoe.

A wide sandy beach only reached by boat (the local fisherman can take you there) or on foot (about 1.5 hour walk from Montezuma), where time stands still.

The shore line is dotted with drift wood, the sand fine and smooth and the surf is gentle enough for easy swimming.

There are no restaurants or services, you can take a picnic or if you arrange with your boat guide he will barbecue fish on the beach for you. It is an unforgettable experience.

Cabuya is strategically located to easily reach all the most attractive places in the Nicoya Peninsula. If you want to explore this marvelous area, why not consider staying at Cabuya?

Cocalito Beach in Nicoya Peninsula
The long beach at Cocalito

Children playing at Playa Cocalito
View of Cabuya Island from beach

Rainsong Wildlife Santuary

The Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary is located in southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula very near the town of Cabuya.

The Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary project addresses all conservation issues in the lower Nicoya Peninsula area from the Cabo Blanco National Park, the Cabuya area, all the way to the town of Paquera inside the Gulf of Nicoya.

The Rainsong mission is to preserve and protect this privileged region of Costa Rica.

The activities include conservation education, a wildlife rescue center, and the support of reforestation projects.

Watch this introductory video of the Rainsong Wildlife Santuary:



Feeding an orphan Capucin Whiteface monkey
Feeding an orphan capuchin monkey

Conservation education performed at cabuya
Teaching kids to conserve nature

Paquera & Cedros Islands

Paquera is the terminal for the Puntarenas ferry and the main transportation hub for all of the lower Nicoya Peninsula area.

The village of Paquera is also the commercial center for the local farmers and fishermen of the area and the spot where they take out their products and stock up on necessary supplies.

It could be an ideal place to buy fruits and vegetables produced in the area, or freshly catched fish at great prices if you have an ice box available.

The town offers most services required by the travelers like decent lodging, restaurants, groceries and ice, Internet cafés, taxi and bus services to all nearby towns and beaches, and a gas station if you are driving your own car.

Even though most of the people that visit this small and calm town are passing by on their way to the beaches on Nicoya’s southern coast, there are some attractive places that are worth visiting in the Paquera area if you happen to have some time to spare.

There are several small restaurants on the near the ferry terminal that you can easily walk to. Also, you could rent a boatand visit the islands of Jesusita and Cedros which are just 5 minutes away. Jesusita has and interesting cementery and a nice beach and all the waters around here are very calm, ideal for water skiing. Ask around at the pier for the boat rental options available at the time.

Additionally, you could take a taxi a visit the beach at Organos, which is just about 6 km from the ferry terminal.

There are also several tour operators in Paquera that offer one day boat tours to Isla Tortuga and  the Curú Wildlife Refuge.

Calm cove in Paquera
Beach Restaurant near paquera

Restaurant inside ferry terminal in Paquera
Ferry terminal restaurant

Jesusita and Cedros Islands seen from Paquera pier
Jesusita Island seen from Paquera